Thermal insulations

Average fiber diameter, shot content, moisture content, thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, pipe section eccentricity, combustion properties, heat shrinkage temperature under load, corrosiveness, moisture absorptivity, hydrophobicity, water absorptivity, organic matter content, maximum use temperature, boiled water resistance, leachable ions,assessment of thermal insulation for use in contact with austenitic stainless steel,tensile strength,compressive strength.

Density, pipe section eccentricity, moisture content, shot content, thermal conductivity, tensile strength, permanent linear change on heating, moisture absorptivity, hydrophobicity, non-combustibility, leachable ions, boiled water resistance, assessment of thermal insulation for use in contact with austenitic stainless steel.

Density, right angl deviation, moisture content, bending breaking load, thermal resistance, combustion properties, noise reduction coefficient, moistened deflection, radionuclide, formaldehyde emission, asbestos phase.

Apparent density, thermal conductivity, moisture permeability, water absorptivity under vacuum, dimensional stability, tear strength, compressive resilience, compressive strength, combustion properties.

Density,average fiber diameter, shot content, dimension stability, thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, combustion properties, moisture absorptivity , hydrophobicity, water absorption, tensile strength, compressive strength, coefficient of acidity, weatherability test for EIFS, anchor bolt test,Wind load resistance of mechanically fixed ETICS.