Glass fiber products

Linear density, moisture content, combustible matter content, breaking strength, stiffness, catenary, choppability, acetone solubility, dipping yarn tensile breaking strength, rod bending strength, tensile property of unidirectional winding plate (strength, modulus, breaking strain, Poisson’s ratio)

Warp and weft density, moisture content, combustible matter content, tensile breaking strength, laminate bending strength, alkali resistance, soluble harmful substance, extract fluid conductivity, air permeability.

Combustible matter content, moisture content, tensile breaking strength, styrene solubility, laminate bending strength, mold conformance, resin wet-out rate.

Thickness, mass per unit area, mold mouldalibity, mechanical properties of laminate including tensile,bending,compressive and shear properties.

Carbon fiber products

Density,linear density,size content,fiber diameter,carbon content,tensile properties of single fibers and impregnated tows.

Tensile strength, tensile modulus, breaking elongation impregnated sheets
FRP products

Thickness, liner thickness, barcol hardness, resin insoluble matter content, initial hoop stiffness, tensile strength in ring direction, tensile strength in axial direction, deflection level A and B, initial bending strength in ring direction, hydraulic leak(in site).

Inside diameter, thickness, tensile strength, bending strength, bending strength after immersion in water, barcol hardness, hoop stiffness, load deformation temperature, falling-dart impact test, compression line load by parallel-plate loading, alkali oxides, oxygen index.

Softening coefficient, water absorptivity, bending strength, density, flange impact strength, non-combustibility.

Acid value, epoxy value, viscosity, gel time, density, Tg, compressive strength, bending strength, tensile strength, tensile modulus, breaking elongation, impact toughness, tractive bonding strength, heat deflection temperature, tensile shear strength.

Density, water absorptivity,tensile strength, tensile modulus, compressive strength, compressive modulus, shear strength, bending strength, bending modulus, heat deflection temperature under compressive and bending load, skin spalling strength.

Thermal insulations

Average fiber diameter, shot content, moisture content, thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, pipe section eccentricity, combustion properties, heat shrinkage temperature under load, corrosiveness, moisture absorptivity, hydrophobicity, water absorptivity, organic matter content, maximum use temperature, boiled water resistance, leachable ions,assessment of thermal insulation for use in contact with austenitic stainless steel,tensile strength,compressive strength.

Density, pipe section eccentricity, moisture content, shot content, thermal conductivity, tensile strength, permanent linear change on heating, moisture absorptivity, hydrophobicity, non-combustibility, leachable ions, boiled water resistance, assessment of thermal insulation for use in contact with austenitic stainless steel.

Density, right angl deviation, moisture content, bending breaking load, thermal resistance, combustion properties, noise reduction coefficient, moistened deflection, radionuclide, formaldehyde emission, asbestos phase.

Apparent density, thermal conductivity, moisture permeability, water absorptivity under vacuum, dimensional stability, tear strength, compressive resilience, compressive strength, combustion properties.

Density,average fiber diameter, shot content, dimension stability, thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, combustion properties, moisture absorptivity , hydrophobicity, water absorption, tensile strength, compressive strength, coefficient of acidity, weatherability test for EIFS, anchor bolt test,Wind load resistance of mechanically fixed ETICS.

Glass and raw materials

Loss on ignition、absorption water content、SiO2、Al2O3、B2O3、CaO、MgO、Fe2O3、FeO、TiO2、Na2O、K2O、Li2O、、ZrO2、CeO2、BaO、PbO、ZnO、SrO、Cr2O3、MnO2、MoO3、Sm2O3、Sb2O3、As2O3、F、SO3、P2O5、Co2O3、NiO、CuO、HgO、CdO、COD.

Glass marble for glass fibre production

Secondary seeding temperature, homogeneity

Test ability

Single burning item(SBI)GB/T 20284 EN 13823

Fire effluents hazard GB/T 20285

Difficult-flammability GB/T 8625

Non-combustibility GB/T 5464 ISO 1182

Burning in a vertical position GB/T 8333 GB/T 5455 ASTM D 3014

Horizontal burning GB/T 8332 ISO 9772

Oxygen index GB/T 2406.2 GB/T 5454 ISO 4589-2

Density of smoke GB/T 8627 ASTM D2843

Heat of combustion GB/T 14402 ISO1716

Ignitability: single-flame source test GB/T 8626 ISO 11925-2

Tensile strength、Tensile elastic modulus 、Tensile strain and passion GB/T1447 GB/T3354 ISO527-4 ISO527-5 ASTM D638

Compression strength 、Compression modulus and strain GB/T1448 GB/T3856 ISO14126 ASTM D695

Flexure strength、 flexure modulus and strain GB/T1449 GB/T3356 ISO14125

In-plane shear strength、 shear modulus and strain GB/T3355 ISO14129 ASTM3518

V-notched rail shear strength、 shear modulus and strain ASTM D7078

Mode Ⅰinterlaminar fracture toughness GIC ISO15024

Fatigue life、 S-N50curve and conditional fatigue limit GB/T16779 ISO13003 ASTM D3479

Measurement of sound absorption GB/T20247 ISO354

Sound absorption coefficient GB/T 18696.2 ISO10534-2 ASTM E1050

Sound transmission loss

Water vapor transmission-dish method GB/T 17146 ASTM E96

Water vapor transmission-box method ISO 21129

Formaldehyde emission-desicator method GB/T 17657 JIS A 1460

Formaldehyde Emission-gas analysis method GB/T 23825 EN 717-2

Radionuclides GB 6566

Heat shrinkage temperature under load GB/T 11835 JIS A 9504

Hot-surface performance GB/T 17430 ASTM C411 ASTM C447

Evaluating the influence on external stress corrosion cracking tendency of austenitic stainless steel GB/T 25996 ASTM C 692

Corrosiveness GB/T 11835 ASTM C665

Weatherability test for EIFS ETAG004 JGJ144

Anchor bolt test ETAG004 JGJ144

Wind load resistance of mechanically fixed ETICS ETAG004 JGJ144

Wet chemical method

Plasma emissiom spectrometry

Atomic absorption spectrophotometry


Guarded hot plate method(mean temperature70℃~500℃) GB/T 10294 ISO 8302 ASTM C177

Heat flow meter method(mean temperature-20℃~70℃) GB/T 10295 ISO 8301 ASTM C518

Circular pipes(mean temperature 70℃)GB/T 10296 ISO 8497

Hot-wire method(25℃) GB/T 10297

Vacuum infusion

Resin transferring moulding

Unidirectional winding

Pultrusion moulding

Resin impregnated yarn