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Glassfibre Standardization

National Technical Committee for Glass Fiber Standardization

Domestic code: SAC/TC245

Corresponding to: ISO/TC61/SC13

Field: glass fiber and other reinforcement fibers

Principal functions:

Preparing, examining and propagating the national and trade standards;

Undertaking the conresponding technical work of ISO;

Assisting enterprises to prepare their standards as entrusted.

Provinding advisory on standards and other technical services.
Enacted standards:

ISO 3375 Textile glass-Determination of stiffness of rovings

ISO 8516 Textile glass—Textured yarns—Basis for a specification

ISO 3343 Textile glass—Yarns—Determination of twist balance index

ISO 3342 Textile grass – Mats – Determination of tensile breaking force

ISO 4604 Textile glass – Woven fabrics – Determination of conventional flexural stiffness – Fixed angle flexometer method

ISO 4900 Textile glass – Mats and fabrics – Determination of contact mouldability

ISO 2797 Textile glass--Rovings--Basis for a specification

GB/T 17470 Glass fiber mats-Chopped strand and continuous filament mats

GB/T 18369 Glass fiber roving

GB/T 18370 Glass fibre woven roving

GB/T 18371 Glass filament yarn

GB/T 21825 Glass fibre geogrid

GB/T25040 Glass fiber stitched fabrics

GB/T25041 Glass fiber filter

GB/T25042 Fiberglass fabric for architectural membrane

JC 561 Glass fiber reinforcing mesh

JC 935 Glass marble for glassfiber production

JC/T 996 Glass fibre wallcovering fabric