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Business Office
The business office is responsible for business reception, contract review and market development. With focus on customers’ needs, it does its utmost to meet them. The business office treats customers courteously and is committed to providing enthusiastic service. Easier, more efficient and more accessible make an automatic management system for entrusted tests and a professional website for on-line orders.

Composites Testing Department

The department undertakes the tests of properties of glass fibre, carbon fiber and other high performance fibers and their products and composites. Armed with strong expertise, the department has undertaken several state-level research projects and developed testing and evaluating techniques for composite materials used for wind turbine blades, which have filled the gap in China. The department also works as a carbon fiber lab for ISO to provide technical support for formulating relevant international standards.

Insulations Testing Department

The department undertakes the tests of properties of various inorganic and organic insulations such as glass wool, rock woo, foam plastics and foam glass as well as the research of testing methods, the development of testing equipment and the formulation of national standards. The department possesses many self-developed instruments and apparatus and is one of the best laboratories in the thermal insulation field in the country.

Chemical Testing Department

The department undertakes the chemical analyses of various raw materials, fiber products, thermal insulations and glass products. With perfect testing skills and theoretical foundation, the department participated in several international laboratory proficiency tests such as IPLAC and ASTM and achieved excellent results.

Information Center

The center publishes two magazines Fiber Glass (bimonthly) and Thermal Insulations & Energy-Saving Technology (bimonthly), holds National Fiberglass Professional Information Network conferences and organizes various seminars and training courses. The CTR of its website takes the lead in the industry.